The Dating Olympics: Why Not Go For The Gold?

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In case you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a little something called The Olympics going on right now. You know, that thing with all the pomp, circumstance and figure skating? Well, it’s happening, whether you’re watching or not. And, regardless of your personal interest – or lack thereof – in the great sport of curling, you can still inject some gold medal-worthy fun into your love life.

Figure Skating

So, you love sparkles, sequins and spinning around on a few inches of ice? Then figure skating is clearly the sport for you. Lucky for you, there are plenty of local places to take your beau for some blades of glory fun. Tutu and tight bodysuit not required. Pasadena has the gorgeous, state of the art Pasadena Ice Skating Center, where you can take classes, join a Freestyle skating session or even sign up for some hardcore broomball. Olympic skater Miri Nagasu even started her career in this huge facility, located in the heart of Pasadena. Although nobody will hold it against you if you’re not exactly up to her level.

In Culver City, kitsch is the name of the game, at the historic Culver Ice Arena, where pickup hockey games, open skating sessions and a vintage vibe make it the perfect place for a more low-key skating experience. And, in the valley, you can check out Iceland Ice Skating Center in Van Nuys, home of the perfect date activity – bumper cars on ice. And what’s better than the opportunity to show off your driving skills and your ability to come up with witty puns involving ‘bumping’ all in the same date?

Skiing & Snowboarding

Okay, so you don’t want to go all the way to the snow. Well, how about some virtual snowsports instead? For about $20 onAmazon, you can buy We Ski for the Nintendo Wii, which lets you ski and snowboard your way to victory all within the warmth and comfort of your very own living room. The balance board is going to cost you a little extra, but you’ll get to enjoy all the fun of frolicking in the snow without any of that actual pesky snow stuff. Because let’s face it. Us Angelenos weren’t exactly built to bulk up in those big ol’ winter coats anyway.


Hey, did you know there are two whole hockey teams in the LA area? We’ve got the Los Angeles Kings and the Anaheim Ducks. Yeah, those Ducks. Although, I don’t think Joshua Jackson is playing for them anymore, you can still check them out any time during their season, which runs well into April. Both the Ducks and the Kings have totally affordable tickets that start at less than $20 and often come in packages that include perks like hot dogs, sodas and more. Even if you’re not that into hockey, you can’t really turn down a date night that involves watching hot, sweaty men duking it out on the ice and comes with hot dogs included, can you? Sounds like a gold medal night to me.

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