iPhone Food Diary: Weight Loss + iPhone = Love

Okay, so it’s not technically the new year yet. But, as anyone who has ever stood in line with me will tell you, I’m like the least patient person you’ll ever meet.

I tend to like to get things going — whether it’s starting an apartment search months before my lease is up, or kicking off a weight loss campaign before the New Year’s Eve champagne buzz even kicks in, I’m just generally impatient like that.

Which is why I’ve already chosen to try something new for my annual ‘oh-god-i’ve-gained-ten-pounds-since-last-summer-and-i-need-to-get-back-in-shape-a-thon’ this year. After reading about the LoseIt iPhone app on one of my favorite blogs, I was intrigued. A few weeks ago, I actually downloaded it, although it sat unused on my screen until the morning after a particularly passionate personal moment between myself and a mega-sized slice of cheesecake.

So, I tentatively took the time to input my morning meal, only to see that half a bagel and a little butter is about the same amount of calories as I thought it would be. No big revelations there. But, around lunchtime, the app’s real usefulness really hit me. After seeing how quickly I could calculate that if I really wanted that extra piece of pizza I would have to add twenty minutes to my treadmill time, I was hooked.

Who wouldn’t love a weight loss solution that says you can snack on as many Goldfish as you can fit on your desk, as long as you hit the gym for an equally energetic cardio session after work? After years of the kind of dieting drama that singlehandedly keeps most women’s magazines in business, this approach was a welcome relief. If I want to eat more, I just work out more. Since the app has a whole library of exercises you can mix and match throughout the day, I can literally plan to pump iron for 10 minutes, do a few jumping jacks for five more and make caloric room for that extra slice of something or other in no time.

Of course, like most weight loss resolutions, the true test of the LoseIt app’s effectiveness will be how well I can stick with it over time. I’ve already had a day or two where I forget to log a lunch or calculate a quick drink. But, on the whole, things are good so far. I feel like I’m finally able to balance being conscientious of my calories with being a person that just plain likes to eat and drink. And I’ve been finding myself being a lot more physically active as a result, which is always a good thing.

So, for now, I give the LoseIt app an enthusiastic two thumbs up, and highly recommend it for anyone looking to gear up for a good, healthy weight loss goal in the New Year. Of course, my only complaint is that I wish my own personal weight loss goal would hurry up and get here quicker. But according to LoseIt, if I keep going the way I’ve been, I should hit my target in mid-March. And in the meantime, the app’s got plenty of shiny buttons and pretty pictures to keep me distracted while I weight.

5 thoughts on “iPhone Food Diary: Weight Loss + iPhone = Love

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