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It’s easy to dismiss anything with the words ‘good’ and ‘green’ in it as just another lame attempt to jump on the post “Inconvenient Truth” bandwagon. You know which bandwagon I’m referring to — the one that runs on ethanol, with the solar powered electric system and the big bumper sticker proclaiming the number of carbon offsets the driver purchased.

But, before you go and get all cynical on the whole sustainability thing, consider this: environmental consciousness isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for the green too. And by green, I mean money. In a Thomson Reuters study last year, 82% of investors said they consider environmental and social criteria when making decisions.  And, in just this one BusinessWeek article, there are five examples of corporations from every sector of the economy who saved significant money by ‘greening’ their operations.

This can be especially true for tech and social media, where the consumer is king and an increasingly conscientious customer base is demanding more social and environmental accountability from their favorite brands every day. In September, Apple even started releasing data about its corporate environmental footprint, a move that helped boost its branding as the go-to gadget maker for conscientious consumers.

And, when it comes to social consciousness through tech consumerism, it’s not just about gadgets and green. From Mashable’s Summer of Social Good to Twestival, the social media scene is getting a whole lot more socially conscious too, resulting in the growth of what the blogosphere likes to call the ’social good’ movement. Whether it’s raising money, raising awareness or raising environmental accountability standards, the tech industry is certainly climbing atop that big, green bandwagon in full force. Now, the question is what impact that trend will have on the tech industry and on both the good and green movements it’s embracing. Not to mention how we as girls in tech and as tech businesspeople in general can do some good and make some green in the process — both kinds.

That’s why Girls in Tech LA is proud to present The Impact of Tech On Good & Green — a panel discussion featuring Sandra Sanchez (Creator of & reality TV host/producer), Sarah Townsend (Editorial Director of & Creator of and Tracy Helper (Co-founder of These amazing women will be discussing social good, sustainability, green gadgets and more at The Organic Panificio restaurant in Marina Del Rey on November 17. Of course, there will also be time for cocktails and conversation as well. And, a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to Free Arts For Abused Kids — an incredible organization that provides at risk kids with counseling and support through art.  Because what’s more in keeping with the theme of ’social good’ than sharing good conversation and good drinks for a good cause?

What: GIT LA Presents The Impact of Tech on Good  & Green

Where: The Organic Panaficio in Marina Del Rey

When: Nov 17, 7-10pm

RSVP & Buy Tickets

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