Would A Twitter By Any Other Name Still Smell As Sweet?

What’s In A Name?

Ever had to think about the possibilities of a leopard eating a twittering bird, while wearing a red hat and being watched by an android who just happened to take a break from reading wikipedia and look out the windows of his pod? Yeah, that’s right. I just Taxi Driver’d web 2.0. Still, in case you wondering where new technology gets all of its wacky names, PC World has broken down the backstories of some of the most common (and most oddly-named) tech innovations of the past few years. It’s actually a really interesting article. Who knew so much thought (and fashion sense) went into the naming of Red Hat? Of course, the most interesting name in the whole article is the author’s — Thomas Wailgum. Clearly, someone is planning to launch some sort of crying gum machine in the near future…

7 thoughts on “Would A Twitter By Any Other Name Still Smell As Sweet?

  1. Is Twitter or Facebook better? I say both are great together. I have my blog, and my twitter account, and my facebook account all intergrated. Then I use tweetdeck. Its great.

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